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April 21, 2019

Employer Products

Job Seekers are able to view and reply to open positions posted on Rx Career Center either as a registered user or simply just by visiting the site! We make searching and applying to pharmacy positions as easy as possible for pharmacy job seekers, so you get your return on investment.

Job Posting Packages

List your open positions to be viewed by 164,478 registered users plus visitors to Rx Career Center! Standard job postings display company information, job descriptions, and job seekers have the ability to respond either as a registered user or as a visitor to the site. All jobs posted on Rx Career Center are cross posted to multiple job boards that include: Google, Indeed, Simply Hired, Lycos, and the "Careers" area of Pharmacy Choice when available.

Job Posting Packages consist of two types:
  • Individual Job Posting Plans – 30 day job postings that can also be bought in bulk to provide additional savings based on volume. These postings run on the Rx Career Center web site for up to 30 days (1 month).
  • Job Posting Slots – These posting plans include job slots that are reserved for use on a Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual basis. Job Posting Slots can be purchased in bulk or in a Value Package for additional savings. These jobs can be interchanged with new positions that open up. So when you fill one position, you can add a new position in its place. The amount of Job Posting Slots that run concurrently at the same time is dependent of the package purchased.

Individual Job Posting Plans
1 Job (30 days) $420.00
2 Jobs (30 days) $672.00 - Save $168.00
5 Jobs (30 days) $1,470.00 - Save $630.00

Job Posting Slots (1 Job Slot)
Plan Standard Posting Hot Job
Quarterly $1125 - Save $135 $1500 - Save $510
Semi-Annual $2025 – Save $495 $2700 - Save $1320
Annual $3825 – Save $1215 $5100 – Save $2940

Value Packages

Offer the greatest return on investment. Take advantage of multiple services that work together to fill your open pharmacy positions. These packages include resume bank access, company specific job boards, and brand advertising.

Branding Services

    RxCC Value
  • Exposure to our Pharmacy Specific Network: Pharmacy Choice and RxSchool
  • Current RxCC Registered User Base - 164,478
  • Current Jobs Posted
    on RxCC - 0
    Job Posting Benefits
  • Job Posting Slots
  • Unlimited changes
  • Job refreshing options
  • Cross posted on several job board websites
    Time Saving Tools