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April 21, 2019


"We consider RxCareerCenter.com our most affordable public recruitment tool. The staff at the Rx Career Center are flexible and quick to meet our changing needs. It’s not just one of those websites that give you a place to post an ad, it’s like hiring a recruiting firm."
-Mark Boesen, Pharm.D.
Director Pharmacy Operations
The Apothecary Shop

"Rx Career Center has been an excellent resource for UNM Hospitals. We have hired many Pharmacists and Pharmacy Techs since we signed on with their posting service. Our pharmacy management team now has the nice problem of having many new people in their departments that need to be oriented and made productive."
-Phil Pelleriti
Manager of Recruitment
UNM Hospitals

"I believe Rx Career Center.com has quickly become the leading electronic source for pharmacy jobs. I receive weekly inquiries on my job postings and it is becoming a significant source of staffing."
-Dave Williams

"We are crankin along! Two minutes ago as I was going through my e-mails, I thought about Rx Career Center and all the hires we received from it. I truly am happy we established a relationship. I look for many more years as well. Take care! Thank you."
-David Fuller
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.

"I will tell you though that it was nice changing my settings to "Search Agents" auto notice of candidates. Since then I have received some candidates that I have not seen thru any other means."
-Steve Keen
Pharmacist Recruiter

"The website is working out really great for us- I've been pretty diligent about looking through the resume bank a couple of times a week, and we have hired (3) people so far."
-Karie Johnson
Bartell Drug Company

"We are a search firm that focuses exclusively on the placement of pharmacists within hospitals and specialty pharmacies. Since Rx Career Center is also focused on our niche of pharmacy, the site has been instrumental in helping a number of pharmacist candidates find us. We also find the site easy to use and that promotes consistent use of the site by our recruiters. We hope to continue our partnership with Rx Career Center for many years!"
-Jana Rugg
Ridgemont Resources

"Rx Career Center has proven itself as an exceptionally creative and customer friendly company. Rx Career Center is a great comprehensive search tool with an affordable price point."
-Lynn Strachan
El-Kan Drug, Inc.

"As we all know, the market for Pharmacists is as tight as we have ever seen it to be. Thrifty White Drug has had an excellent response to our postings on www.rxcareercenter.com . We have found and hired EXCELLENT candidates referred to us from Rx Career Center. We find this site to be one of the most crucial tools in our recruiting efforts. I would recommend this site to all Pharmacist Recruiters!"
-Shannon Kadlec
Thrifty White Pharmacy

"When it comes to search engine optimization, I found the pharmacy job board at Rx Career Center the most robust in the industry. They were very open to my ideas and suggestions and worked diligently to provide video streaming capabilities. The facelift to their home page looks amazing! We love setting up search agents that send qualified candidates right to our inbox as well as having the ability to mine their database of pharmacy professionals. Their entire team has delivered results and customer service above and beyond our expectations!"
-Kris Shallenberger
Recruitment Consultant
St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital

"We explained what we needed, and Rx Career Center delivered. They have been very responsive to our requests and continue to improve the functionality of their software"
-Paul Helm
Director of Pharmacy and Optical Recruiting

"I am very happy with the service that you guys have offered and I will use you again. I think that you offer a tremendous service and because of that you have earned a new customer."
-Mr. Curtis Hartin
Director of Pharmacy
Schnuck Markets, Inc.

"RxCareerCenter.com has begun to provide us with an excellent source and method of contacting potential pharmacists in areas in which we have had chronic shortages. I hope my Carson City pharmacist was only a first in filling our open pharmacist positions. Your site is easy to use and easy to manage."
-Bonnie Brandt RPH
Regional Pharmacy Supervisor
Smith's Food and Drug Centers - Kroger Division